The 7 best password managers for business

There’s a menu panel on the left side of the user dashboard that shows all team member accounts, which makes sending passwords as simple as sending a message on Facebook. I also like how temporary staff, interns, and contractors can create free guest PassCamp accounts and connect to a business’s PassCamp account. I really like that admins can set up very specific security policies — for example, strong 20-character master passwords and biometric 2FA requirements. This ensures all employees are keeping their accounts as secure as possible. My IT team set a policy for all high-level employees to use a 2FA hardware key like YubiKey. After reviewing the best password managers for personal use, I thought finding the best business password managers would be easy.

What is the best enterprise password manager

Founded in 2011, Keeper has probably the widest assortment of products of any developer in this guide, with separate offerings for personal and family use, business, enterprise customers, and managed service providers. Personal plans start at $30 a year for Keeper Unlimited, which allows storage of an unlimited number of passwords and syncs them on an unlimited number of devices. The Advanced plan includes business-specific features such as user management, analytics, and audit logs.

1Password Business is my favorite — it’s secure, intuitive, and includes a wide range of features for both end-users and admins. 1Password also includes features like SSO (single sign-on) and active directory software integration, which can help your business better manage how team members use 1Password. Password Boss’s business plans start at a relatively low cost per user, which gets even lower if you opt for a longer subscription. The Standard business plan is more for smaller teams, as it offers only the essential features. The Advanced plan is better for bigger enterprises, as it offers detailed activity reports, AD connections, and advanced security policy settings. I was able to change the settings to automatically remove all business passwords from a user’s account when offboarding them.

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Passbolt Cloud A password manager available on-premises and as a cloud service. ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus – FREE TRIAL Guides the creation of a password policy and then ripples it out to all AD domain controllers and also provides a user self-service portal for password management. Bitwarden is one of the leading password managers that network engineers use.

What is the best enterprise password manager

Plus, it includes enterprise-oriented tools such as multi-tenant password management, Active Directory and LDAP sync, Azure AD provisioning, and more. Secrets management is a real concern in the devops world, as hard-coded credentials are almost as bad as those stored in plain text. That policy changed in March 2021, when the company revised its offerings to require a paid plan for use on both mobile devices and one or more personal computers. The company’s personal and business product lines work on all major desktop and mobile platforms and browsers. The service is cloud-based only, with files stored on the company’s servers and synced to local devices.

1Password is one of the more established names in the password manager arena, and in addition to their personal password management services they also offer solutions for teams, business, and enterprise. The teams tier offers admin controls for sharing and permissions, two-factor authentication , and five guest accounts to extend secure sharing reach for $19.95 monthly. Customers of the business tier are looking at a $7.99 monthly cost per user, but gain policy-based administrative security controls, logging and reports, and provisioning through Active Directory, Okta, or OneLogin. Finally, Keeper’s Admin Console allows administrators to provision and control the end-user licenses for their account. The Admin Console offers advanced integration with Active Directory, SSO, SCIM, and developer APIs to allow easy provisioning.

These assets need the same role-based access, fine-grained control of policies and ability to share and revoke as the SSO assets. IT Glue is a world-class, cloud-based service that monitors software, stores and manages passwords, and more for MSPs and in-house IT departments. The software supports an array of integrations and comprises a secure password vault hosted by the server.

The most common use cases and benefits of the Hideez Service and Hideez Keys as hardware password managers

More specifically, the Hideez Key 4 is the best Bluetooth password manager and electronic password storage device suitable for both passwordless and password-based authentication. This is because it offers versatile multi-protocol support, including HOTP, FIDO U2F, and FIDO2. A password manager is a service or device that stores and retrieves all of your passwords from encrypted storage.

Form filling, including the option to automatically enter credit card details. Organized cybercrime syndicates target businesses of all sizes and industries. Most security breaches involve a human element, which is to say they are primarily caused by employee negligence and incompetence. The company, enterprise password management platform which for several years has been on a buying spree for best-of-breed products, is integrating platforms to generate synergies for speed, insights and collaboration. It’s also worth noting that LastPass is owned by GoTo, which produces remote access and work tools like LogMeIn and GoToMeeting.

This service is convenient and secure – Expert Insights recommends 1Password to organisations of all sizes looking for a trusted password management solution. Admins have access to advanced permissions and can deploy account recovery options in the event passwords are lost. A travel mode is available to ensure admins can help employees with password issues while away from their desks. You can add an additional layer of security to your vault by requiring multiple credentials to log-in, not just a single master password.

Business accounts start at $3.59 per user monthly, with enterprise tiers requiring a call to the sales team. Its business solution offers an intuitive admin interface with security policies, MFA settings, and reporting. Federation from Active Directory Federation Services or Okta couples nicely with built-in provisioning and de-provisioning to streamline your administrative workflow. LastPass for business is available for $6 monthly per user, but limits you to three SSO apps, which is a pretty serious handicap.

I highly recommend users opt for the $10/year Premium plan, which adds a file option to the encrypted Send feature and secure login with physical keys, such as Yubikey, U2F and Duo. Dashlane Password Manager provides companies with everything they need to onboard new employees, manage permissions and monitor security issues all from one place. Dashlane Premium also includes advanced features such as SAML-based single sign-on, unlimited password sharing, password changer, VPN for Wi-Fi protection, secure file storage, dark web monitoring and priority support. While Keeper has customer-facing apps, it’s definitely an enterprise-first product. Its basic Business tier has standard features you’d expect in a business-level password management tool, plus shared folders, unlimited devices for users, a policy engine, auditing and reporting features.

Pricing options vary widely based on the number of users you have and any additional features you need. We didn’t take price into account when creating our list, because in many cases, you’ll pay on a per-user basis and can scale up or down at any time. This service is for companies that are serious about password security. With a NordPass business account, administrators can set a password policy for employees to ensure that all passwords are long, strong, and unique. Zoho Vault for Business is ideal for administrators looking for password sharing, user management, and detailed reports that show the health of the created passwords and how users are using their credentials. Business accounts can create detailed compliance reports by clicking the Compliance button on the dashboard.

What You Probably Won’t Find in Enterprise Password Managers

It has all the checklist features of commercial personal password managers, including secure cloud syncing. If you’re uncomfortable with storing your passwords in the Bitwarden cloud, you can host the infrastructure on your own server, using Docker. For encryption, NordPass uses an advanced algorithm called XChaCha20, which has in recent years become popular among Silicon Valley giants, including Google and Cloudflare.

What is the best enterprise password manager

Some also offer advanced tools for privileged access management and other enterprise-level solutions. Although Keeper doesn’t offer any free plans, a 14-day free trial is available for its Business level service. Keeper Business costs $45 per user per year and includes an encrypted vault for every user, shared team folders, unlimited device access, security auditing, activity reporting, and team management. It’s big business solutions are more robust compared to other password managers, helping it win the enterprise-level category.

The pricing plans of both are confusing, relying on annual discounts or doling out specific features piecemeal. This new version gets rid of storing local vaults on your device and eliminates the standalone license, which means you can’t use 1Password without signing up for the subscription. “Family organizers” can recover the accounts of other family members if they forget their master password or secret key, which is useful for helping kids or less technically inclined folks. Andrew Cunningham spent years testing, reviewing, and otherwise writing about computers, phones, operating systems, apps, and other gadgets for AnandTech, Ars Technica, and Wirecutter. Wirecutter has been testing and recommending password managers since 2016.

Does Google have a password manager for businesses?

Dashlane provides a Password Health metric, highlighting accounts with weaker passwords so that you can make changes as quickly as possible. You can monitor individual accounts or create groups for your employees. NordPass is an affordable option for anyone seeking to secure their various accounts without having to juggle a bunch of login codes. Not only can you manage your passwords through a single master account, but it is even possible to access your information offline.

  • Use 1Password Secrets Automation to manage, secure, and orchestrate a company’s secrets.
  • In all, LastPass is a convenient way to store, use, and share credentials and other information with others.
  • Norton Password Manager stands out as a competent password management system with a simple and attractive interface.
  • The Keeper Business tier is the only level with publicly available pricing; it starts at $2 per user and month or $24 annually.
  • This password manager tool is a good option for users who may use multiple logins for the same applications or websites.

N-able Passportal, by SolarWinds A password and documentation management designed for technicians who provide services like endpoint protection. A sync engine that replicates the database across devices, using a cloud service or a local host. Our goal is to deliver the most accurate information and the most knowledgeable advice possible in order to help you make smarter buying decisions on tech gear and a wide array of products and services. Our editors thoroughly review and fact-check every article to ensure that our content meets the highest standards. If we have made an error or published misleading information, we will correct or clarify the article. If you see inaccuracies in our content, please report the mistake via this form.

It creates a secret key, required when logging in from any new device, that serves as the only method for decrypting passwords. Not only does it alert you if a password is weak or duplicated across other accounts, but it also integrates with Have I Been Pwned to monitor the internet for data breaches involving your information. 1Password will let you know if your credentials have been compromised, so you can maintain good password hygiene. The bottom line is that there’s no avoiding the necessity of some form of password management for modern businesses. That doesn’t mean that every enterprise password manager is suited to every enterprise, but there are a number of things any business password management tool worth its bits should be able to do.

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As it offers a wide range of tools, you’ll need to contact its sales team to find out how much it will cost your business to use its services. I really like CyberArk’s automated process for changing account credentials, which gives IT teams an easy way to manage company cybersecurity. The real-time account monitoring is incredibly helpful, too, as it enables admin teams to quickly spot suspicious activity and stop it before any damage is done. Passwordstate’s advanced reporting capabilities are some of the most detailed I’ve tested.

Cloud-based vs. Locally Managed Password Management

How easy or hard will it be to train employees to use the new system? While some password managers emphasize ease of use, others might require more technical knowledge. You want to make sure you purchase a system that your team members can easily grasp. You must upgrade to Keeper Enterprise to use more advanced 2FA and SSO methods. Enterprise customers are also able to use an automated team management system and a series of provisioning tools. Bigger organizations will need to contact 1Password to find out about Enterprise tier pricing.

Password Boss

Plans can be purchased on a subscription basis, starting at $595 for the Standard plan, with up to 2 administrators and unlimited resources and users. The Enterprise Edition costs $3,995 and supports up to 10 administrators and 25 SSH private keys. You can also add on additional features, such as secure file sharing that starts at $125 per year, and dedicated onboarding for $750 per year. Encrypted messaging is $20 per user per year, while dark web monitoring is $20 per user per year.

Simplify password management for all enterprise privileged accounts

Employees are encouraged via alerts to create stronger passwords, or to change their passwords if they’re compromised. You’ll also get additional business features, such as an activity log to track any actions on the account, and advanced rules to protect against unauthorized access. Other key features include custom roles and groups to help you manage your team members, as well as biometric login options and multi-factor authentication using Duo. 1Password integrates with tools you may already be using, like Okta and Active Directory. But enterprise password managers vary widely in terms of price and functionality.

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